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ANNUAL NORTH DAKOTA K-12 EARTH Science Teacher of the Year AwARD

  • The North Dakota Geological Society is seeking nominations for their annual North Dakota Earth Science Teacher of the Year award!  Applications are due August 31st of each year, but are accepted at any time.
  • The winning teacher is also automatically entered in the regional contest sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Section of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) which awards a $2,000 cash prize to the winning teacher.
  • The regional winner is then entered into the national AAPG competition which carries a combined $6,000 prize ($3,000 to winning teacher plus $3,000 for their school).

Previous Winners

 Year       Name                          School                                        Location

2015       Jill Bushaw                 Century High School                 Bismarck, ND

Award Requirements:
  1. Three years of full-time teaching experience at any K-12 level.
  2. Teaches at least one unit per year on natural resources at K-12 level within a North Dakota school.
  3. Unit fits definition of natural resources as follows:  Earth materials used by civilization past and present, such as natural gas, petroleum, coal, oil shale, mineral ores, building stone, and energy resources from the Earth such as geothermal energy.

Required Materials Summary:

  1. Teacher’s philosophy (pedagogy and content) of the teaching of natural resources (1-2 pages)
  2. Unit description, including unit objectives and the overall science program (1-2 pages).
  3. Letter of recommendation from a colleague (1 page maximum).
  4. Letter of recommendation from an administrator (1 page maximum).

         *Please also include contact information for the nominated teacher, colleague, and administrator.

Content Guidelines:

  • Teacher's philosophy should include any of the following:
    • scientific study of resources
    • origin
    • discovery
    • extraction
    • historic use and present use
    • conservation
    • preservation of the environment
    • use of earth science knowledge in informed decision making

  • Unit will be evaluated on:
    • petroleum and industry concepts
    • creativity of presentation
    • balanced treatment of information regarding societal need and environmental issues
    • clarity and accuracy of expression
    • overall excellence in teaching

The ND Geological Society will accept application materials by email to:

or by regular mail to:

North Dakota Geological Society
P.O. Box 82
Bismarck, ND 58502-0082

 For any question, please feel free to email the ND Geological Society at

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