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The ND Geological Society has published or co-published a large number of journals and symposium reports dealing with the geology of North Dakota and the Williston Basin. These publications are great references, and give a tremendous amount of background data about the Williston Basin.

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ND Geological Society DVD Cover All of the Publications of the North Dakota Geological Society are now available electronically on DVD, through the AAPG website. Seventeen volumes published by the North Dakota Geological Society, representing the E&P geology of the Northern (USA) Plains, from 1952 through 1995, including: 
  • 11 special volumes (including guidebooks) describing regional geology. 
  • 6 volumes, Williston Basin Symposia, hosted and published by NDGS.
The price for this special collection is hundreds less than buying the print copies separately.

North Dakota Geological Society Publications (print)

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Third Field Conference Guidebook, 1955

Stratigraphy and Tectonics of the Central and Southern Black Hills

Second International Williston Basin Symposium, 1958

Twenty-two papers on geology, engineering, geophysics, photogeology, hydro-dynamics, and logging. Special attention is given to Devonian, Silurian, and Ordovician rocks of the Williston Basin

Nesson Anticline of North Dakota, 1959 (unbound)

Reservoir data for 29 pools, type logs for 27 pools, 2 cross sections across the length and breadth of the anticline, unitization for secondary recovery operations in 2 of the oldest and largest fields, charts, and an index map which summarize developments and growth in reserves.


Devonian System Stratigraphy of the Williston Basin, 1961

Revisions of nomenclature, detailed discussion on all groups and formations of the Devonian, type logs, 4 isopachous maps, and a foldout, 4-color cross section.

Oil and Gas Fields of North Dakota - Supplement, 1967

Supplement to the 1967 Symposium volume. Presents field maps and stratigraphic and reservoir data for 51 oil and gas pools.

Proceedings of the 1984 Symposium on the Geology of Rocky Mountain Coal, 1984

Fourteen papers on coal chemistry and petrology, coal hydrology, coal stratigraphy and structure, environments of coal deposition, and coal gasification. Specific attention is given to the coal and coal basins of North Dakota, New Mexico, Wyoming, Montana, and British Columbia.

Fifth International Williston Basin Symposium, 1987
(soft cover)

Twenty-four papers and three extended abstracts on various phases of Basin geology, geochemistry and geomorphology with special emphasis on Mississippian and Devonian subsurface geology.


Sixth International Williston Basin Symposium, 1991
(hard cover)

Stratigraphy and Field Studies for Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Williston Basin, ND, Tectonics and Geophysics and Geochemistry and Hydrology, 37 papers, 312 pages.

The Marshall Lambert Symposium, June 19 and 20, 1993
(soft cover)

Upper Cretaceous and Lower Tertiary Geology and Paleontology of extreme Southwestern North Dakota: Symposium, Banquet and Field Trip sponsored by the North Dakota Geological Society, and Pioneer Trails Museum of Bowman County, North Dakota. 86 pages.

Eighth International Williston Basin Symposium, 1998
(hard cover)

Part I - 28 Stratigraphic papers; Part II - 9 Basement Control, Regional to Local papers; 11 Geochemistry and Fluids papers. 290 pages

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Stratigraphy of the Williston Basin, 1954 
Tabulation of Williston Basin stratigraphy by Group and Formation.

First International Williston Basin Symposium, 1956  
Twenty-eight significant papers on all phases of Williston Basin geology. Joint venture with Saskatchewan Geological Society.

Nesson Anticline of North Dakota, 1959   

Williston Basin: Anatomy of a Cratonic Oil Province.  
A RMOGA publication: 28 papers on the Regional Tectonics, stratigraphic framework, stratigraphy and sedimentation, source rocks and oil chemistry, hydrology, and economic geology of the Williston Basin. 440 pages.

First Annual Field Conference Guidebook, 1952 
Southern Manitoba and the Interlake Region.

Second Field Conference Guidebook, 1954 
Upper Cretaceous and Tertiary Beds in Western North Dakota.

Black Hills Field Conference Guidebook, 1967 
Road log of the geology between Bismarck, North Dakota, and Deadwood, South Dakota, with side trips to selected areas of interest. Includes a paper on the geologic history of the Black Hills.

Oil and Gas Fields of North Dakota: A Symposium, 1967 (unbound only)
Geologic study of all oil and gas fields in the State, structural maps, reservoir data, stratigraphic data, production figures, market, type logs, and reserve figures for each pool.

Fourth International Williston Basin Symposium, 1982  
This publication was prepared in conjunction with a Symposium held jointly with the Saskatchewan Geological Society. Can be ordered ONLY from the Saskatchewan Geological Society, PO Box 234, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada S4P2Z6.

1986 Field Trip: Tertiary and Upper Cretaceous of South-Central and western North Dakota. 
Thirteen papers plus road log concerned with the surface geology, biochronology, stratigraphy and geomorphology of south-central and western North Dakota. 47 pages. 

1987 Field Trip: Glacial Geology of Central North Dakota.
Contains six papers dealing with glacial geology and a review of Pleistocene and early Holocene mammals. The road log includes maps, photos, and diagrams explaining some of the features seen on the 2-day trip. 101 pages.

Seventh International Williston Basin Symposium, 1995 (hard cover) 
Tectonics and geophysics, regional sedimentation and stratigraphy field studies, oil sources, reserves and hydrodynamics, with several papers on the Lodgepole formation and play, 50 papers, 455 pages.

Eighth International Williston Basin Symposium, Core Workshop Volume, 1998
Four Canadian and five U.S. authors. Hydrocarbon potential of Devonian and older rock in the Williston Basin. 142 pages text & illustrations.

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